Lent & Easter

As part of our Lent and Easter focus the children have been learning about Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection during prayer time. As we had learnt the first Palm Sunday was when Jesus’ followers welcomed him into Jerusalem as their king so we too held our own procession of palms at preschool using flax crosses the children had woven with Maria.
On Holy Thursday we also placed the pictures of Jesus journey to Calvary around the garden outside. With the children we processed outside and reflected about Jesus at each Station of the Cross. These activities help the children to understand Jesus life, death and resurrection as well as participate in the Lenten and Easter traditions of the Church’s liturgical year.

Easter Party

After the long weekend of Easter we had a shared meal to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. We all sat together at a very long table and enjoyed a feast of sushi, fruit and brownie. Everyone enjoyed the party and what a lovely way to celebrate Easter as a preschool family.