It’s ukelele time!

Ariel, what a lovely afternoon we had when your Mum and her friends came to play ukulele for us. Their group is called ‘Korean Ukelele Mums’ and everyone enjoyed this special concert.
Lots of our favourite songs were played and we loved singing along to ‘Puff the Magic Dragon,’ ‘Twinkle, twinkle,’ ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes,’ ‘Old MacDonald had a farm,’ and many more.
We also met a puppet called ‘Frog in the box,’ who also helped us to sing some action songs too.
Ariel, you and all your class had such a great time and were fascinated by the instruments that were played. Ariel, I am sure you were very proud that your Mum visited our preschool. Thank you to Ariel’s Mum and her friends for a delightful concert, we hope you will be able to visit us again another time.