Fr Antoine celebrates Mass at Sancta Maria

Today our friend Fr Antoine celebrated Mass at Sancta Maria. The Atrium (prayer area) was brought to life for the children as Fr Antoine explained the purpose of his vestments and the altar items. The children were able to see these items in use during the Mass. The children were very attentive and were also able to answer questions they had learnt in their catechism lessons. It was a privilege to participate in our own preschool Mass and celebrate the special Catholic character of Sancta Maria Montessori Preschool.

Lexi pancakes & maple syrup

Today we had a lovely surprise from Lexi and her mum Anita. They brought in home-made pancakes and maple syrup to share with the preschool. This is one of Lexi’s favourite treats and she was very interested to find out where maple syrup came from. Lexi and her Mum found a book about it in the library and we read it in preschool. It showed how people collect sap from the maple tree and make it into syrup. Maple trees are found in Canada and pancakes are very popular in Canada and the United States. This has tied in very well with our North America continent focus this month.
The children all enjoyed finding out about maple syrup and eating delicious pancakes for morning tea. Thank you very much Lexi and Anita for sharing your interests from home with us.