It’s ukelele time!

Ariel, what a lovely afternoon we had when your Mum and her friends came to play ukulele for us. Their group is called ‘Korean Ukelele Mums’ and everyone enjoyed this special concert.
Lots of our favourite songs were played and we loved singing along to ‘Puff the Magic Dragon,’ ‘Twinkle, twinkle,’ ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes,’ ‘Old MacDonald had a farm,’ and many more.
We also met a puppet called ‘Frog in the box,’ who also helped us to sing some action songs too.
Ariel, you and all your class had such a great time and were fascinated by the instruments that were played. Ariel, I am sure you were very proud that your Mum visited our preschool. Thank you to Ariel’s Mum and her friends for a delightful concert, we hope you will be able to visit us again another time.

Cultural Celebration!

Today the children had a wonderful time at our cultural celebration at preschool. We shared food from our diverse ethnic backgrounds and many dressed up in their traditional outfits. Some children brought treasures from their home countries such as books, art and ornaments. We also watched a video of our student teacher doing Nepalese dance. Our continent of the past month was Asia so today’s cultural sharing brought this focus to life. We had Chinese dumplings, won tons, spring rolls, chicken from Philippines, popcorn, lolly cake, dip and carrots and rice from Nepal for our shared lunch. Thanks to the parents and everyone for supporting our cultural celebration.

Kindy Rock

Today the children had a wonderful time at our special music and movement session. Celeste and Judi from Kindy Rock lead the children in singing and dancing and introduced the children to a variety of musical ideas. The children were able to be creative and expressive through experiencing a variety of action songs as well as exploring the beat, rhythm, pitch and tempo whilst using some musical instruments. The children were developing confidence in expressing themselves through music, song and dance. The children were clearly enjoying themselves as they fully participated in the session.
The preschool also received a Kindy Rock CD so we will be able to revisit these songs and dances, supporting the children’s interests and skills in music and movement.

Our First Mass with Fr. Antoine!

Sancta Maria celebrated our first mass on the 26th of May 2014! Fr. Antoine blessed teacher Maria in the 8th month of her pregnancy and we’re all so excited for her! May God continue to keep on showering his blessings upon us.







Marian Procession

Today we held our Marian procession in the preschool garden. May is Our Lady’s month and we honoured her as Mother of God and Queen of Heaven with a simple procession. The children had made colourful paper flowers earlier in the day, and each child carried their flower in the procession to present to Mary. Hannah carried the crown, whilst Bella and Morgan carried a candle each as we processed around the garden carrying the statue of Mary. We arrived at the altar singing Ave Maria and each child presented their flower to Mary. Hannah presented Mary with her crown and we finished our celebration by singing Mamma Mary and praying the Hail Mary. Thanks to the children and teachers for honouring Mary our Mother in our special preschool tradition

Lent & Easter

As part of our Lent and Easter focus the children have been learning about Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection during prayer time. As we had learnt the first Palm Sunday was when Jesus’ followers welcomed him into Jerusalem as their king so we too held our own procession of palms at preschool using flax crosses the children had woven with Maria.
On Holy Thursday we also placed the pictures of Jesus journey to Calvary around the garden outside. With the children we processed outside and reflected about Jesus at each Station of the Cross. These activities help the children to understand Jesus life, death and resurrection as well as participate in the Lenten and Easter traditions of the Church’s liturgical year.

Easter Party

After the long weekend of Easter we had a shared meal to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus. We all sat together at a very long table and enjoyed a feast of sushi, fruit and brownie. Everyone enjoyed the party and what a lovely way to celebrate Easter as a preschool family.