Sancta Maria Montessori Pre School is based completely and authentically on Dr Montessori’s discoveries of the learning of the young child and the child’s spiritual growth is supported by catholic teachings in conjunction with Te Whariki are the
guiding influences of this philosophy.

The child’s spiritual growth is nurtured in a unique way.

The Atrium – A specially prepared place of prayer – offers hands on experience with material relating to the life of Jesus as the Good Shepherd, the key events and geographical areas associated with His Kingdom parables, the Sacrament of Baptism, liturgical year and the Eucharist.

The Children are guided by our directress in all areas.

The Practical Life Exercises, (these activities helps the child to perfect his coordination, build concentration ,attention to detail and working habits).Sensorial activities ( theses activities give the child equipment which would sharpen his senses
and enable him to understand the many impressions he receives through them),Language, Mathematics, Geography , Botany, History, Art expression, Music and Movement.

They are given individualized and small group presentation and then set free to work, uninterrupted, for as long as they choose.

Grace and Courtesy group lessons offer the children way of moving and interacting socially in the environment .Mistakes are guided but not directly corrected.

The multi age grouping fosters cooperation and reflects life as a family.

The child indirectly witnesses the adult staff member living their Catholic faith in a natural and joyous manner. Meeting the spiritual needs as well as the intellectual needs of the young child is specially prepared place was Dr Montessori’s original design.

Sancta Maria Montessori is the only school in Christchurch which fully embraces the entire scope of Dr Montessori’s discoveries and catholic development of the young child- mind, body and soul.